Marcin Blecharz

I'm 30-something living in Cracow, Poland and currently working as a Junior Linux Systems Administrator. Valuing my free time makes me extremely selective about my side gigs so don't have hard feelings if I straight up reject an idea / meetup proposition - why bother when I'm not interested from the get go, saves time for both of us right? The more I dig into a problem the less bullshit I'm gonna take so if you wanna try do it fast because later it won't pass. There's a chance I'm actually a decent person - get in touch and judge yourself. Oh and I'm a fitness/healthy eating enthusiast so my regular day consists of calisthenics or stretching sessions, walks on the evening and not so savory almost raw food mixtures of some sort. If you haven't been taken aback yet there is more on my blog. Did I mention being a "do it yourself" US/PL stock investor?