Financial Independence

I'm planning to reach FI at 40 which gives me a 12 years window from the time of the writing (October 2016). That means having passive income in vicinity of 1000-2000USD per month. My current weapon of choice is US stock market and dividend paying companies. I'm basically a DIY investor and my portfolio is a mix of "Permanent Portfolio" using ETFs with boost provided by hand-picked securities - so far it behaves nicely however the timeframe is way too short to judge yet (after 2 years it is below my expectations but good enough overall). I've also branched into WSE (domestic exchange) and grown interest in trading stocks and futures to sate my thirst for "action". Mind that this is contained to a very small account though ;)

Personal website

You are reading it now along with simple Wordpress blog, so yea - I'm learning some basic stuff related to web. Also maybe it takes off and there will be some income generated that way too? Who knows, certainly wouldn't mind it boosting my FI project!

Systems Administration

EDIT: Landed the job I was looking for :)
Planning on directing my "career" into the "technical" part of IT as opposed to "business" part that I'm in now (Email Services Product Manager). That ties nicely into my blog/personal website endeavour since I'm basically learning how to operate a server and all related services albeit on micro scale. Should also significantly help with the FI attempt since earning more usually helps - especially when coupled with high savings rate (75%+).

Extracurricular games

EDIT: Everything died off eventually since my decision to cut back and recover the time required to run each gig. Overall less friendly but more peaceful.
Currently running some foosball tournaments and bridge gatherings in my workplace - those picked up nicely and are a blast to take part in (as competitor) and to supervise (as organizator). Also enable me to get to know my colleagues slightly better. At the moment the first tourney was finished (foosball) and another two are in the making - one for regular ball and other for professional. As far as bridge is concerned I'd like it to get more attention so we have at least 4 pairs playing at all times but then again there is no need to force anything. The bridge died off but I've found enough people for weekly No Limit Texas Hold'em sessions.

Video-games galore

Playing video games was my favourite pastime for the last 12 years (mainly MMOs like Ragnarok Online and Warhammer Online - Whitesmith, Black Orc & Warrior Priest FTW) but since then took a backseat to projects mentioned above. That doesn't mean I'm finished but rather my priorities have changed. However there are still some titles I've yet to finish or start over/remind myself of like: Dune, Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale, Planescape: Torment, Settlers, Final Fantasy XII, Polanie, Warcraft, Starcraft, Age of Empires, Final Fantasy: Tactics, Disgea, Earth 2040 to name a few. If you know some nice RPG, turn-based or RTS games drop me a line! Looking at how things are today I'll get to that after taking care of my FI quest - all that free time ;)